DDoS protection affordable adult web hosting protected against distributed denial of service

The domain elevatedhosting.com is now owned by a previous (unhappy) customer of Elevated Hosting. I was a happy customer to begin with but it was clear that they had only one person in technical support - Vlado. Vlado was very capable but of course unable to fix all problems for everyone quickly. It seemed to me that in the last months of Elevated Hosting the previous owner Paul Mitchell has lost interest in the company and control passed on to Vlado. It also seemed to me that Vlado only visited the office once every Friday. The company that once offered affordable adult hosting eventually closed and I am sure it must have left many customers mad and unhappy like me.
In the final months of Elevated Hosting service was frequently interrupted for long periods due to heavy DDoS ( Distributed Denial of Service ) attacks. These attacks stopped elevatedhosting.com and sites hosted by the company to be out of service for long periods.

The good news is that I found KoDDos

KoDDos Features:
  • Medium Risk Ddos Protected Hosting
  • High Risk Ddos Protected Hosting
  • Cpanel Control Panel Fully Featured
  • Zend Optimizer and IonCube Loader
  • Prompt & personal support
  • SSH Access
  • Extensive security
  • Unlimited MySQL databases.
  • No overselling
  • Free speech hosting
  • Adult content
  • Fast, uncrowded servers

ddos protection by koddos

KoDDos have surpassed all my expectations. I had one customer with a heavily DDoS attacked website. KoDDos specialise in DDoS protection for high risk sites. I was amazed to see that KoDDos could keep a site running during a very heavy DDoS attack. Once the attackers realise that they can not easily shut down a site they get bored and move elsewhere.
The KoDDos ticket based support system really is prompt and personal.
I really can not recommend KoDDos highly enough.